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PCDEI Full Council – Agenda 

March 17, 2021, 3:30- 4:30 p.m., Zoom Call

Present: President Bergman, Siri Erickson, Tom Flunker, Kathi Tunheim, Ron White, Amy Mukamuri, Carlos Mejia Suarez, Angela Erickson, Kari Eckheart, Pamela Pearson, Marie Walker, Alexyx Guidry, Vidya Sivan, Corrie Odland, Anthony Bettendorf, Daniel Sellers, Corie Odland, Kinzee Salo, Frederick Smith, Kareem Watts

Unable to attend: Margaret Block Qazi, Shannon Halen, Samantha Raghu, Valerie Banchback, Maheema Bokhoree, Monica Mikhaeil



  1. DEI Education – As of Friday, March 12, over 50% of staff, 27% of faculty, and 6% of students have completed or are known to be in the process of completing one of the College’s DEI Education options. This includes people who have started or finished the DiversityEdu course, who are participating in the Team Dynamics series, and who have approved option 3 alternatives completed or in progress.  Reminder: All staff, faculty, and students are expected to complete this education by June 1, 2021 (Note, extended deadline as requested by faculty).   In terms of students, we are working with student athletic leaders, Student Senate, athletic team coaches, music ensemble conductors, student employment supervisors, class deans, and faculty to also help get the message to students about this expectation and opportunity. Discussion questions for the council: What are you learning that seems most important?  What feedback are you hearing from people in your areas/spheres of influence?  What creative ideas do you have to continue encouraging people to engage with this educational effort?  
  2. DEI updates from the chair: 
  • Listening Sessions summary report

It will be sent out soon and that is an opportunity to engage with your colleagues about the report.

  • Linnaeus Deliberation Circle input
  • DCAT climate survey

Offering incentives and hoping for broad participation – will go out to all 2200 students.

  • VP search (including recruiting, position documents, campus readiness)

The process has begun, please read and share the position

  • Racial Justice and Inclusion fundraising
  • Board of Trustees IDI project
  • Ron White’s new role

Ron is taking on an official title with Gustavus to help us keep the momentum going – will report to the president as a contractor – Senior Advisor for Equity, Inclusion, and Racial Justice

  • HHMI IE3 grant project in the natural sciences
  1. Other DEI updates from across the Ecosystem: What DEI work is happening in your area that you want us all to know about?



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