February Meeting Minutes

Posted on February 25th, 2020 by

PCDEI Agenda
February 20, 2020
 3-4:30 pm in the Konferensrum, JCC
Call In 1-866-576-7975   Participant 764057

Present: Siri Erickson, Jean Noren, Anthony Bettendorf, Mara Klein, Amy Mukamuri, Tom Flunker, Margaret Bloch Qazi, Jared Phillips, Valerie Banschbach, Dan Lee, Luz Ruiz, Janet Jennings, Vidya Sivan, Brittney Johnson

Guests:  Monali Bhakti

Not Present: President Bergman, Lisa Dembouski, Kathi Tunheim, Tim Sisk, Ron White


  1. Check-in: What is one takeaway you had from your IDI Individual Report conversation with your QA? 
  2. Review IDI Group Report
  3. Identify IDI learning partner/s
    1. Siri will assign groups of two or three for accountability and on-going meetings
    2. Siri is working on various other groups that will go through IDI assessments
  4. Adjourn to Working Groups



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