September Meeting Minutes

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PCDEI Agenda
September 19, 2019
 3-4:30 pm in the Konferensrum
Call In 1-866-576-7975   Participant 764057

Present: President Bergman, Siri Erickson, Lisa Dembouski, Tom Flunker, Jean Noren, Ron White, Margaret Bloch Qazi, Valerie Banschbach, Dan Lee, Jared Phillips, Anthony Bettendorf, Vidya Sivan, Janet Jennings, Tim Sisk, Amy Mukamuri, Luz Ruiz, Brittney Johnson

Not Present: Kathi Tunheim, Mara Klein

  1. Introductions, including time to identify DEI wins from the last year – Siri
  2. About the PCDEI – Lisa/Siri
    1. Charge/purpose – Lisa
    2. Priorities for this year – Siri
  3. Logistics and resources for the PCDEI – Jean
  4. Working Group organization
    1. Training/Development – Provide DEI training and development opportunities for Gustavus employees.  Kathi & Siri with Margaret, Anthony
      1. Focus will be on employees for 2019-2020
      2. Develop a multi-year training/development plan
      3. Engage 25% of Gustavus employees in DEI training in FY20
      4. Working a more comprehensive plan with layered training
    2. Inclusive Excellence and Engagement – Work towards integrating inclusive excellence practices into our collective recruitment and retention efforts.  Tom with Amy, Luz, Valerie, Dan
      1. Focus on retention, then engagement (students and employees) with an emphasis on belonging
      2. Develop key priorities for advancing inclusive excellence practices across campus
      3. Pay attention to college-wide retention efforts and evaluate data about retention as it relates to inclusion efforts
      4. Find ways to continue to increase retention of employees/students who are passionate about this work
    3. Communication & Coordination – Build a shared language and understanding of the College’s DEI values, priorities, and measurable progress.  Lisa & Jean with Janet, Tim, Brittney, Jared, Ron, Vidya
      1. Bring additional awareness to PCDEI’s work on campus
      2. Develop a communication strategy for the PCDEI and its work
      3. Map all of the college’s DEI-related efforts and begin linking them together  
      4. Website 
      5. Video
      6. How we help people be more receptive to want to learn
    4. Who is interested in working on each group?
    5. Additional working group members from the sign-up form
    6. Time to meet in groups.
  5. Check-in about the Reading/Discuss learning for Council
  6. Closing – Words of gratitude

PCDEI Charge
The President’s Council for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is charged with the following:

  1. Articulate Gustavus’ vision, expectations, and goals with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  2. Identify and examine institutional barriers related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including those associated with Gustavus’ history, values, and structures.
  3. Review evolving best practices for diversity, equity, and inclusion and recommend improvements in policies, practices, and programming.
  4. Coordinate and participate in implementation of applicable Gustavus Acts strategies.
  5. Identify diversity, equity, and inclusion-related goals and assess progress toward their achievement annually.
  6. Propose and coordinate events and initiatives that will enhance community engagement around issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  7. Develop a communication plan and report regularly on plans and progress to the Gustavus community and others.
  8. Serve as representatives of, advocates for, and liaisons to the stakeholder groups associated with the Council (students/student organizations, faculty, administration, support staff, alumni).
  9. Review and update this charge and the work of the PCDEI annually.

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