October Meeting Minutes

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PCDEI Agenda
October 24, 2019
 3-4:30 pm in the Konferensrum
Call In 1-866-576-7975   Participant 764057

Present: Siri Erickson, Lisa Dembouski, Jean Noren, Anthony Bettendorf, Kathi Tunheim, Mara Klein, Amy Mukamuri, Dan Lee, Vidya Sivan, Luz Ruiz, Tom Flunker, Margaret Bloch Qazi, Janet Jennings, Tim Sisk, 

Not Present: President Bergman, Jared Phillips, Valerie Banschbach, Brittney Johnson

  1. Check-in/Brief introductions.
  2. Introduction to Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) 
    1. Qualified Administrators: Siri Erickson, Kathi Tunheim, Grady St. Dennis, Tom Flunker, Laura Aase
    2. Cost: $18/person.  Group and Individual Feedback Reports available.
    3. Intercultural Development Continuum Model
  3. Francis Bettelyoun consultancy
  4. Working Group preparations
    1. Templates
    2. Agendas
    3. Reporting back
  5. Working in Working Groups
  6. 4:15 pm council only returns to this room for progress updates
    1. Inclusive WG: Would like to gather data to better understand what is not working well to better understand our current climate.
    2. Training WG: discussed gaps, internal/external expertise, training available – came up with a lot of questions
    3. Communication WG: video, publicity, and cross pollination of information for all working groups.



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