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PCDEI Full Council – Agenda 

May 5, 2021, 3:30- 4:30 p.m., Zoom Call

Present: President Bergman, Siri Erickson, Kathi Tunheim, Ron White, Amy Mukamuri, Carlos Mejia Suarez, Angela Erickson, Kari Eckheart, Pamela Pearson, Marie Walker, Vidya Sivan, Corrie Odland, Anthony Bettendorf, Daniel Sellers, Corie Odland, Kinzee Salo, Frederick Smith, Kareem Watts, Valerie Banschbach, Monica Mikhaeil, Maheema Bokhoree, Margaret Block Qazi, Unable to attend: Tom Flunker, Alexys Guidry, Shannon Halen, Samantha Raghu


1. VP candidate finalist interviews – PCDEI participation and equity design

The search has gone very well. 4 finalists are interviewing over the next two weeks.

2. DEI Education – update, final engagement efforts, what we’ve learned

Percentage of DEI Education completion: Staff 75%, Faculty 36%, Students 27%

3. Preparing for the new PCDEI chair (new VP!); making an effective transition

New VP will have access to PCDEI minutes, roster, etc., and will lead PCDEI next year.

4. Gratitudes

Everyone shared thoughts about what they are grateful for from this year.




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