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PCDEI Agenda
December 12, 2019
 3-4:30 pm in the President’s Dining Room
Call In 1-866-576-7975   Participant 764057

Present: Siri Erickson, Lisa Dembouski, Jean Noren, Anthony Bettendorf, Kathi Tunheim, Mara Klein, Amy Mukamuri, Tom Flunker, Margaret Bloch Qazi, Tim Sisk, Jared Phillips, Valerie Banschbach, Ron White, Dan Lee, Luz Ruiz, Janet Jennings

Guests:  None

Not Present: President Bergman, Vidya Sivan, Brittney Johnson


  1. Check-in.  One word or short phrase on how you are feeling about PCDEI progress so far this year.
  2. Review Gustavus DEI-related Terms and definitions
    1. Reviewed the document of terms and definitions and people can provide input for additional updates to definitions
  3. PCDEI development – IDI instrument and process overview
    1. PCDEI will take the IDI assessment, connect with the QA (administrator of IDI training), and finish our PCDEI intercultural development inventory by February 20
    2. Then we will pair up with a learning partner during the spring semester
    3. Communication idea: “What did we learn from the IDI Intercultural Development Inventory” also share learnings with the Board of Trustees about how PCDEI is developing and moving forward
  4. Update from working groups: communication, training and development, inclusive excellence
    1. Training: 
      1. Employee Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Learning Plan was presented to the President’s Cabinet with positive reviews.
      2. The Cabinet and PCDEI Full Council are undergoing their own DEI learning and professional development this year (and that is already under way).
    2. Inclusive Excellence:
      1. Will focus on student-facing efforts that will specifically include an emphasis on support for and promotion of First Generation Gusties via First Forward programming (and coordinating First Forward with other college offerings like FTS and Orientation).
      2. Will start focus groups of students with varying identities in the spring semester to gather more information about what is and is not in place that contributes to students’ sense of belonging at Gustavus.
    3. Communication:
      1. Updates and other regular communiques like this one will be sent to the community regularly during the spring semester, and published in a variety of venues. Archived Communication and Updates will all be stored on the PCDEI website. A draft of the first one was shared with Marketing for “immediate” release.
      2. Tabling in the Campus Center will begin in the spring semester, as a chance for the campus community to meet and ask questions of PCDEI council and working group members. Watch for us and come say hello when you see us!
  5. Working group work time – adjourned Full Council at 3:26pm

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